Sometimes small ponds produce the biggest fish. The ponds don’t get a whole lot smaller than Clarksdale, Mississippi where emcee PyInfamous was born or Crystal Springs, Mississippi where the introspective emcee honed his “real ill lyrical game” ( Penning “intellectually stimulating rhymes with witty twists of the English language” ( is a staple of Py’s music regardless of which beat he selects from the cadre of producers he has worked with throughout the years.

Py’s nontraditional musical path led him to graduate Cum Laude from the University of Mississippi with a degree in Marketing and Management. A workmanlike approach to music has produced numerous mixtapes, EPs and full-length albums, including his current offering with Rochester producer, Sam.I.Am entitled Extended Discussion. The tracks on this project, as well as others from Py’s catalog, chronicle the strife and struggles of the South while providing a backdrop for a hopeful future.

A commitment to crafting a movement backed by his musical mosaic drives Py to mentor young men and organize for the improved conditions for marginalized people and communities. Py’s passion and purpose are present in every song and freestyle that he releases, and his love for the game couple with the dedication to providing good music to hip-hop fans across the globe keeps him on top of his game.

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